STUDENTS in Whitchurch are showing their strong “enviable community spirit” as they campaign to improve the road situation outside their school.

Testbourne Community School pupils Abigail Davis, Ruby Croxford, Hannah Holmes, Sophie Fishlock, Zac Ayres, and Oliver Greenwood are campaigning to put traffic calming measures on Micheldever Road.

The pupils are taking on the challenge as part of their GCSE course in citizenship.

Mr Greenwood said: “We’re doing this because we feel strongly about the safety of students coming in and out of the school, and we think something should be done to make the path to the school more safe before anything serious happens.”

All six students agreed they feel very supported by their school.

Miss Fishlock said: “It’s achievable, we thought we should just give it a go.

“We feel fully backed by the school and we feel we’ve got a chance and people agree with what we say.”

Miss Davis added: “I think our biggest realisation of how serious this was getting was when we sent out the survey.

“I feel like all of the people who did agree with us, they’re making the difference because those people are the reason we’ve got this far.

“I feel like our group could inspire a lot of younger people to try and get what they want.

“It’s more than likely to succeed if you try hard.”

Headteacher Ruth Beasley said: “I’m really supportive because I’m conscious that the traffic through Whitchurch has a high volume of traffic and quite often people don’t stick to the speed limits.

“What’s good is the great sense of community spirit they have because of they’re not only caring about the school but about the community.”

The pupils have been officially invited to to give a short presentation to the town’s next full council meeting on Monday, March 6.

Mike Nightingale, head of Whitchurch Community SpeedWatch, said: “We’ve got to say this has to stop because I can guarantee someone’s going to get killed. The town council is supporting this all the way – they’re very enthusiastic.

“I also wish to extend my deep appreciation for inviting me to meet your complete team and have the opportunity to witness firsthand their enthusiasm and progress."

So far the students have started an online petition, campaigned through social media and carried out surveys within the town.

To sign their petition, click here