A MIDDLE Wallop pre-school has completely turned itself around after inspectors deemed it to be “good” in all areas.

Army Air Corps (AAC) Preschool was previously inspected last year when Ofsted said it “requires improvement” in each area.

Now the Ofsted team are praising the school after it was inspected in April.

The report said: “Staff are kind and caring and know the children and their families well.

“Staff offer children encouragement and praise to support their confidence and emotional well-being.

“Staff effectively promote children’s good health.

“For example, children enjoy healthy snacks, walks and regular access to outdoor play for more energetic play.

“Staff encourage children’s independence well.”

The report added that staff provide children with a safe play environment and give good opportunities to investigate and explore their environment.

Inspectors told the school it could further improve the quality of early years provision by effectively addressing difference in achievement more by monitoring the outcomes of the different groups of children.

They also said it should evaluate the effectiveness of staff training to assess the impact of improvements made and build upon and sustain the quality of practice.

Melanie Evans, manager, said: “We are happy that the inspector recognised the focus we have on supporting our military families. We offer a secure and safe environment where the children can laugh, learn and grow.”