A DONATION of £10,000 has been given to two Overton charities.

The money was raised through The Southern Co-operative Community Support Card scheme, which runs at its store in the village.

The sum was split between The Kingfisher Day Centre, which runs a club for elderly people, and Overton School Association.

Barbara Edens, deputy retail business manager and community champion at the Co-op, in Overton, said: “The scheme enables local communities to raise significant funds simply by presenting a green CSC card, which we issue free, every time they purchase goods in-store.

“This doesn’t cost the customer anything and the more customers who use the card, the more quickly we donate money to the fund.

“It’s a proactive way for The Southern Co-operative to work closely with the community and make a positive contribution to the local neighbourhood.”

Nicola Smith, operations manager at The Kingfisher Day Centre, said it relies on donations and fundraising.

She added: “We are very happy to accept this £5,000 donation. Without the continued support of the local community, we would not be able to provide all the services we do.”

She said some of the money will go towards entertaining clients, and the rest will be used for a new custom modified mini-bus to replace their current one in the new few years.

Catherine Gray, co-chairperson of Overton School Association, said: “We’ll be spending this on furnishing the library and kitchen at the school, both of which play an important part in the children’s education and enjoyment here.”

The Community Support Card scheme has launched again for 2013, and groups in Overton can now apply for part of the funds that will be raised over the year.

Application forms are available in store and should be returned by the end of February.