A BASINGSTOKE-based charity has given away tens of thousands of pounds as part of its latest round of research funding.

Pelican Cancer Foundation, which is based in The Ark, in the grounds of Basingstoke hospital, has made grants totalling £85,000 to eight projects across the UK.

The money will support some of the country’s most eminent experts in the fields of bowel, liver, prostate and bladder cancer.

The foundation was set up with the aim of curing and improving quality of life for patients with pelvic area and secondary liver cancer through supporting clinical research. Since 2000, the charity has invested over £2million in such research.

As part of the latest round of research funding, grants have been awarded for a range of studies to tackle issues including improving cancer treatments, developing new surgical procedures and assessing pioneering imaging techniques.

Sarah Crane, chief executive of Pelican Cancer Foundation, said: “We’re pleased to be able to re-invest our charitable funds into studies at the forefront of clinical research into cancers of the pelvic area.

“It is now widely accepted that investment in research is vital and the advances in diagnosis and treatments achieved are making a real difference to patients. At Pelican, we have made great strides within research so far, but there are many more clinical research projects that we would like to support.

“One of our biggest challenges today is to raise funds for our future programme of work and I’d like to thank all our supporters and donors for their generous contributions.”

For more information about the work of the Pelican foundation, visit pelicancancer.org.