CRIME-FIGHTING charity Crimestoppers is today launching a national discussion on key crimes affecting the UK public.

The Crime Matters national blog is a new approach for the charity to engage with the general public about crimes that impact their lives.

Crimestoppers conducted a survey to find out from the public what issues really troubled them.

Hundreds of people answered the call and the results showed youth-related crime, online crime and domestic violence topped the poll with over 60 per cent of people selecting these three.

Now the Crime Matters blog will spend the next five days focused on these key issues and highlighting the important work being done to fight these and all other crimes across the UK.

There will be blogs from crime experts, academics, MPs and journalists. The charity has also gathered opinions and advice from other charities including the Jimmy Mizen Foundation, Respect and Stand Against Violence.

Crimestoppers will be asking the British public for their views and people will be able to have their say on the dedicated blog: Crimestoppers’ Facebook and Twitter pages will be promoting blogs, photos and video content, as well as surveys and polls to influence and feed the debate. All Twitter related content will be using the campaign hashtag #Crimematters.

Crimestoppers exists to give a voice to the public particularly those who care about their community and making it safer, this initiative allows us to continue to ensure the voice of the public is heard.

Mark Hallas, CEO for Crimestoppers, said: “The Crime Matters week will provide us and the country with vital information that can inform our future activity and ensure that we are tackling crimes that are of importance to communities across the UK that we serve. “It is a great opportunity for crime experts, Crimestoppers supporters and the general public to come together to share views on crime in an open, friendly outlet. Share your thoughts with us on one of the many Crimestoppers channels and social media platforms. Crime matters to us all - so let your voice be heard.”

The blog can be found at Get started on Twitter using #Crimematters.