TWO young sisters who moved from Tadley to Tanzania are fundraising to improve the quality of water in their new home.

Enterprising Amisadai and Louisa Monger, aged 10 and seven, have set up a website with the help of their parents, Tim and Rachel Monger.

They are raising money to help a local doctor carry out mobile medical clinics and are also fundraising for a land cruiser to help them visit villages around the area to help spread the word about the importance of safer water.

To help raise this money, the girls will take part in a sponsored SODIS shake – a way of disinfecting water using sunlight – and will treat 100 litres of water, shaking 67 bottles for one minute each.

They also plan to take part in a 6km Water Walk, which is the average distance women and girls in Africa walk to get water.

Amisadai said: “We are fundraising because here in Tanzania we have seen and learned about the importance of having clean water to drink and toilets to use.

“We want to help the people on islands in Lake Victoria.

“This is important because without clean water, people get sick and sometimes die. The people on the islands often do not have clean water, so they drink and cook with the dirty water of the lake.”

The youngsters are hoping that people in Basingstoke will support them and also hold their own fundraising event for World Water Day, on Saturday.

For more information, visit the girls’ website at mongergirls