WE all have the same time in any given day or week.

Sleeping, eating and working all take an allotted amount of our time.

There are activities that demand our time and other activities that we wish we could give more time to.

I was recently challenged when I met a friend who could put us in touch with a local ‘people group’ who needed our help as a church.

Encouraged by the idea that we could do something positive, I proposed to my friend that what we could offer as a church was our money.

I will never forget his reply. “We have money”, he said. “What we most need is your time.”

I tried to make excuses in my mind, thinking how busy I was, that I simply did not have one hour per week of my time to give.

I did give my time and learned a valuable lesson that day. The real question to ask is – who am I going to give some of my time to this week?