A FAMILY double act have raised nearly £2,000 after they had their heads shaved to raise money for a charity which helps people deal with an immune disorder.

Ten-year-old Jacob Tate and his uncle Jon Sidnell have raised £1,700 for the Chronic Granulomatous Disorder Society after they both had their head shaved at Top Notch Hairdressing, in Oakridge Road last month.

Jacob was diagnosed with the genetic immune system condition, Chronic Granulomatous Disorder in June last year following a severe chest infection.

The condition affects his immune system and means that his white blood cells are able to locate bacterial and fungal infections but his body is unable to produce the chemicals which are needed to fight the infection.

Since Jacob, who lives in South View with his mother and father Lucy and Jonathan, seven-year-old brother Oliver and four-year-old sister Nancy, was diagnosed with the condition the 10-year-old has been receiving treatment including antibiotics and anti fungal medication.

However, on May 13 Jacob started a nine-day course of chemotherapy at Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital, in London to prepare his body for a bone marrow transplant which is hoped will cure him of the genetic condition.

Mum Lucy told The Gazette: “This is what inspired him to do it. He wanted to shave his hair off and wanted some control over what’s going on. He had heard of charity head shaves and thought he might as well try and raise money.

“It has had a knock on effect for the family and thankfully everyone else is ok but they wanted to support Jacob so he wasn’t the only one without hair.”