WORLD-class freerunning athletes from across the world will gather at a family event in Basingstoke next week.

The 3RUN Family Jam will take place in War Memorial Park on August 30 from 11am. The event will give people the chance to try out the sport and watch professionals practice.

Basingstoke-based 3RUN is hosting the free event, which is sponsored by Airkix and Bounce.

Michael Wilson, from Beggarwood, who is a member of 3RUN, said: “Freerunning has started to become popular across the globe and we want to build a bespoke freerunning course with a local scaffolding company. They will be building this using scaffolding, platforms, blocks, tyres and crash mats and we are having a live DJ who will play all day.”

He added: “It’s going to be a completely free event – we are funding it ourselves through 3RUN.”

The father-of-two said the event is designed to encourage people to do something active and come together as a community, as well as being inspired by top freerunning athletes.

Michael added: “Anyone in the UK who does freerunning can come along and have a massive gathering. It’s an excuse to have good fun and it’s also a way to promote our freerunning academy.”

3RUN opened their academy at the Active Life Centre, in Houndmills, last year, using a £100,000 grant from Sport England.

Michael will be taking his two children, Ella and Jayden, to the event which will be held almost a year after his son was diagnosed with a rare incurable brain tumour.

The day will be a milestone occasion for the family, as when Jayden was diagnosed aged four he was given just 12 months to live.

But the St Mark’s Primary School pupil is still battling the illness, and has amazed doctors with his strength.

Michael said: “Jayden is doing really well. He’s absolutely incredible.”

Following the event, a sleepover will be held at the academy, costing £25 per person.

For more information visit the Facebook page /3RUNTEAM.