A HAMPSHIRE man is looking to set a new world record at the London Marathon.

But if fireman James Dajlid clocks in a little after Mo Farah, he can be forgiven. The 33-year-old from Fair Oak will be tackling the gruelling 26 miles dressed in full firefighter attire.

“It’s a lot of commitment and the wife has been very supportive. I’m off running for four hours at the drop of a hat.

“The Guinness Book of Records guys have been in touch and I’m liaising with them so the pressure is on!” he said.

He will run in full uniform plus his breathing apparatus, and aims to break the current record of 4 hours 47 min.

“I have always wanted to attempt some sort of Guinness record in my life, and at the moment I feel I am in the prime of my career.

“I do go in all the gear except the hat, so I get some funny looks and a few beeps, but there you go!” he said.

James, who works at Heathrow Airport, will be raising money for Oxfam.

“It’s the airport’s charity and I’m extremely proud about that, and hoping to raise as much money as possible,” he said.

To help sponsor James, visit www.justgiving.com/jamesdajlid34, or you can donate by textingDAJY69 to 70070, followed by the amount.