Andover Chess Club secured another Plate final by beating Salisbury A 3.5-1.5 on Wednesday night - their third cup final in successive seasons.

The evening got off to a bad start with a defeat for David Thompson on board three where his opponent built a strong attack against David’s king, with all his pieces being active in the attack.

David’s pieces were tied down and his king was caught on its starting square with nowhere to go. The breakthrough led to Davis losing his queen and the game.

Stuart Knox secured a good draw on board two where he had a good position in the opening and looked to have an edge before losing his way a little. In the end he was pleased to agree the draw.

Steve Cartridge played soundly on board four winning a pawn early on.

After a flurry of exchange of pieces he ended up with doubled active rooks and an active bishop against his opponent’s tied down position and inactive pieces. It was only a matter of time before Steve broke through, winning a piece and then subsequently the game.

Paul Hackman had a good win on board one against the Salisbury captain.

Again, piece activity was the key, Paul’s pieces were the more active and he built up pressure against his opponent, who could only manoeuvre within a very small space.

Eventually, with Paul just about to breakthrough with his pawns, backed by the big guns of queen, rook and bishop, his opponent resigned.

Kevin Steele won on board five what should have been a drawn king, rook and pawn end game.

Eventually, the game came down to king plus pawn versus king and given the starting position of the pieces it is a theoretical draw with best play.

It looked as though his opponent knew this and played it perfectly until right at the end with Kevin’s pawn on the sixth rank he moved his king to the wrong square and was forced to resign next move.