Durrington Otters put in a determined start to the final pledge of the Winter League with fourth position being achieved on the evening and an overall 16th position.

The boys’ teams led the way with wins by the Squadron Butterfly relay (Josh Bills, Gabriel Wills, James Hartwell and Rory Burton), Squadron Breaststroke (Dylan Gosden, Josh Eadsforth, Wilf Richardson and Rory Burton) and 9-12years Breaststroke and Medley relay ( Gosden, Eadsforth, Bills and Tom Hickson). Not to be outdone the girls won the Open freestyle – (Alice Simms, Kiera Reavill, Eloise Toomer and Millie Coker).

The teams continued to fight hard and gained second positions in the U17 freestyle, U15 Medley, Girls Open Medley, Girls squadron Back stroke, Boys 9-12 yrs Freestyle, Girls Open Backstroke and Boys U15 Breaststroke.

All put in a huge effort as they have all season, with special mention for those who ‘swam up’ on the night (and have most of the season), to ensure the team had a good result; Lorna Ward, Millie Coker, Dylan Gosden, Amelia Rogers, Sarah Falconer, Lewis Keane, Wilf Richardson, James Falconer, James Hartwell, Kiera Reavill, Sam Eadsforth, Tom Hickson, Lauren Rinaldi and Ruth Jackson.

Congratulations to all for a fantastic season of swimming