CHAMPION John Hunter allowed himself a brief period of rejoicing before swiftly turning to next season’s plans for the Cuestars South Wilts Snooker League.

The league founder from Andover wrapped up his fifth successive title and an eighth in total with a 5-0 win against sixth-placed Paul Burt at Salisbury Snooker Club.

“I’m well pleased to do it again,” said the 48-year-old, who immediately added: “I’m thinking of giving the league a bit of a revamp for next season by having a top-four play-off and a top-two junior play-off to decide the champions.”

Meanwhile, in the match of the day, runner-up Adam Guyatt (Salisbury) compiled a 50 break in his first visit to the table and added a 30 before Steve Ashton (Salisbury) had seen a pot.

Ashton took a 40-point lead in the second frame – and lost on the pink – and snookered himself on the yellow when 26 in front in the next – and lost to a great clearance.