Vernham Vixens 35 Abbotts Ann 29.

The last game of the season was crucial as both teams had a chance of runners-up.

At the end of the first half Vixens led by one goal at 17-16.

They then pulled away and at one stage were five goals ahead but Abbotts Ann dug deep and ended the quarter just one behind at 26-25.

In the final quarter Vixens had already given every squad member match time but they stayed focussed and won 35-29.

LED Energy 59 Aces 31.

This was an energetic match to end the winter league.

LED Synergy took an early lead in the first quarter (16-8) before Aces narrowed the gap to 26-17.

Best player centre Andrea Westley worked the court very well but LED’s defence, especially best player Ruth Griffiths were very strong.

Aces never gave up and secured their half points, but LED were the deserved winners.

Ken White Distribution 53 Cover Girls 18.

KWD settled into a comfortable rhythm with their shooters rarely missing in the first quarter. Missing key players in defence, they pooled their team together and covered it well despite their players taking it in turns to play out of position. Helen Harkess who is normally more at home shooting, gave an amazing performance in the third quarter and showed she was not just an attacking player. Nat Barnes and Evie Wentworth were welcomed back and fitted into the team well.

Cover Girls’ centre gave a brave performance having to catch the ball one handed due to injury and they also gave KWD’s shooter a good game with some long armed interceptions.

KWD dominated to secure third place of the league.