Andover racer David Hickton was racing at Silverstone over the weekend in the pre 93 Touring Car Championship in his BMW M3.

Hickton had one qualifying session on Saturday morning with a race later in the day followed by another race the following day.

Hickton took to the track with 42 others for qualifying in treacherous conditions in standing water but posted his fastest time of 1:41.299 for the International Circuit with an average speed of 65.77mph for sixth position.

The first 15 minute race was shown live on Motors TV and featured a rolling start on a track which was dry and the pace was very fast and during the race Hickton had a fastest lap of 1:18.567, such was the difference in track conditions.

The race lasted for 12 laps and when Hickton took the chequered flag he had finished in fifth position.

Sunday afternoon saw Hickton’s second race and after another good clean start and Hickton was soon up to full racing speed. This race also lasted 12 laps and with good overtaking with so many cars on track Hickton once again finished in fifth.