Throughout the golfing season there are many people within the clubs who give of their time and effort to the smooth running of the annual programme.

Back in 2001, the then captains of High Post, Salisbury and South Wilts and Tidworth Garrison arranged a match to foster an enduring relationship between these clubs.

Recently the captains played against each other in a match at High Post, the vice captains in a match at Salisbury and the immediate past captains' at Tidworth Garrison supported by a their team of four club committee members.

The clubs take turns to host the annual post match dinner, this year held at Tidworth, at which all the golfers assembled for the result and presentation of the magnificent White Horse Trophy.

Each golfer contributes at least one point to the team scores so there are 30 points available from each venue. This year, even though the Tidworth captain's team tied with the home team at High Post and their vice captain's team narrowly beat Salisbury on their home course, a home defeat to Salisbury who beat them by a clear 2-5 points gave them the narrowest of trophy wins recorded, of one half point. The final scores: Salisbury and S Wilts 32 points; Tidworth- 31.5 and High Post 26.5.