Another burst of wintry weather is about to hit parts of Britain, forecasters have warned.

Areas of central and southern England may see between two and five centimetres of snow on Sunday night, potentially making conditions difficult for commuters in the Monday morning rush hour.

Paul Mott, a senior forecaster with MeteoGroup, the weather division of the Press Association, said there could be light snow over parts of Scotland and northern England from about 3am on Sunday.

"There could be further light snow in those areas during the afternoon, which will struggle to settle, but in the evening there will be more significant snow developing in central and southern parts of the UK. It won't be everywhere, we are thinking of parts of the Midlands, parts of Wales, East Anglia, areas to the north of London.

"London could see a couple of centimetres, but it is more likely in suburban areas north of the capital.

"The snow could make conditions difficult in the Monday morning rush hour, but it is not expected to last long into the day, and temperatures above freezing should see it go."