I WONDER about the strategic planning and financial management capability of the TVBC and Hampshire County Council.

It is not that long ago that the improved lighting system was placed on Weyhill Road (and very effective too). Is it too much to expect, that within their strategic plans, either HCC or TVBC could have envisaged the need for a cycle path and the necessary road alterations? The proposed alterations seem imprudent, unnecessary and short-sighted management of public funds.

In order to help HCC and TVBC in execution of their duties (serving the electorate), I ask the following questions:- l Has a cost vs benefit analysis been undertaken in any proposed road maintenance / alterations?

l Is it value-for-money to the majority of the Weyhill Road users?

l Has a risk assessment been made — taking into account the needs of ALL road users and the public at large?

l If the cycle path does go ahead, what steps will be taken to improve the pavement on the opposite of the road — pedestrians will naturally be pushed to use it?

l If the ‘monster’ created at the Meadow Way pedestrian crossing and access to the shops proves awkward to cyclists, will they not prefer to use the opposite pavement (especially if they are going beyond The Drove)?

l Would the Weyhill Road users be better served by prudent policing of the road and calming the traffic, making it more user-friendly (without the need for a cycle path)?

l Would the cost of investigating the first serious accident or fatality on Weyhill Road not be more expensive than the proposed work plan?

l Do you listen to the electorate, at all?

I presume that the arrogant councillors will go ahead with what they think we should have rather than what will be beneficial to us.

I would encourage the electorate to remember at election time, how effective and emphatic their representative has been during their tenure in office — do not just vote for the party — vote for the representative who ‘looks after you’.

Keith Cezair, Cheavley Close, Andover