WHILST I am pleased that the Andover Advertiser is giving this ill-thought out scheme some necessary public airing I still remain spectacularly unimpressed with the logic of TVBC in pursuing this costly and unnecessary scheme.

What is the point in having just a small section of Weyhill Road’s pavement cyclefriendly?

Assuming a cyclist is travelling down Weyhill Road from The Chestnut Tree Pub do TVBC really believe that when he or she comes to the end of this scheme at the junction of The Crescent they will continue their journey on Weyhill Road proper? No. They’ll simply carry on cycling down the (non-cycle-friendly) pavement towards the Railway Bridge and beyond. So why spend public (our!) money on such a small stretch of pavement?

It simply doesn’t make any sense.

As public bodies are, quite rightly, required to demonstrate performance management, measurements, indicators and outcomes, not to mention provide value for money for tax and council tax payers alike, where is the evidence that this scheme is required at all?

Perhaps TVBC could share what statistics they have to demonstrate why this cycleway is needed. Or are they simply so much awash with finance that they need to spend it on such an unnecessary scheme?

Keith Cezair’s very balanced letter published last week requires some serious consideration by TVBC. This scheme, should it continue, is an accident waiting to happen!

Simple solution: As cyclists do not use this stretch of the pavement in their hordes, the vast majority preferring the road, make this stretch of Weyhill Road more cycle friendly and make the Weyhill Road pavement more pedestrian friendly.

Alan Turner, Weyhill Road.