I FEEL the need to write with regard to my ‘missing’ bin.

Recently I phoned Test Valley Borough Council (TVBC) to explain that my brown bin had mysteriously disappeared! As it was a recycle bin I was keen to replace it promptly, to which I was told it would cost £25 to have delivered.

I pointed out that I felt this was an unfair charge as if it happened again then I would be charged again. Having worked and paid my council tax for many years it made me question exactly what my council tax was being spent on.

An offer of me collecting the bin to avoid the ‘delivery’ charge was rejected due to ‘health and safety’. Annoyed at an unfair and quite frankly greedy system does not even begin to describe how I feel about this.

Poor budgets and lack of funding is most definitely not the fault of us every day, hard working public! We are a conscientious family when it comes to recycling and I thought TVBC were of the same mindset. I would be happy to pay for a replacement bin if I had caused the damage or disappearance.

I should not be charged for wanting to continue recycling and as I already pay high council tax I resent this needless charge.

We all know how much the higher management earn at TVBC – perhaps it would be a better idea not to give them their bonuses this year, putting the money back into the system to avoid what is a clearly unacceptable and erroneous charge?

Come on TVBC, get your act together by listening to your people and regain some respect!

Mrs A McGarry, Junction Road, Andover.