AS AN old inhabitant of Andover who lived and worked in or on the outskirts all my life, I look forward each week to your Back through the Pages and the Then and Now photographs.

The concrete footbridge at the town station reminded me of going to the Andover Grammar School on my bicycle and carrying it over the bridge when the level crossing was closed, so that I would not be late in the morning.

It was a usual excuse for lateness and the headmaster sometimes quoted that ‘it has been known for one pupil to carry his bicycle over the bridge to avoid being late’. It sometimes saved one from being put in detention.

It was sad that the Scotts Shoe Shop building (it was originally a local brewer’s office) was destroyed.

As a young lad, my Mother took me to the shoe shop and I remember very well, sitting in front of that marvellous second floor leaded light window, to be fitted out when I had to have the next size up.

It is unfortunate that the Tesco Metro is to close.

I was manager of the joinery shop of P M Combes Ltd.

It was originally built in the 1960s for a rival supermarket.

We supplied materials and joinery for the construction.

There was a very long panel that spanned the whole width of the building inside, with a clock, indications of the aisles and other advertisements.

When it was completed in our joinery shop, at the town station yard, all the staff marched it across to the rear of the building. It looked like a huge centipede was crossing through Andover and caused interest to the townspeople.

Peter Olliver Cadley Road Collingbourne Ducis