UKIP's scaremongering on real issues

12:43pm Thursday 8th May 2014

JOBS, whether it be three or four million, and other benefits brought here through membership of the EU, were rightly the focus of recent letters from Len Gates and Paul Goddard.

What is clear is that the single European market is a good thing for increased trade and business and hence jobs.

However, the British people, and if the polls are correct many other people across the continent of Europe, feel that the hierarchy of the EU is becoming increasingly detached from their own day to day living.

In addition, there is a strong sense that the EU isn’t working.

It costs us a net £35 million a day for membership; a vast sum in anyone’s book.

The application of human rights legislation with consequences far beyond those originally intended and open borders that are no longer controlled by our own Parliament are of understandable concern to many.

However, I deplore Ukip’s unscrupulous and constant scaremongering on this subject.

Like so many other nationalist parties throughout history, they are gaining support by whipping up fear.

Britain has always been a warm and welcoming nation and we should stay so.

The proposed EU in-out referendum in 2017 will strengthen the hand of the UK negotiating team.

We will once again be able to play our historic leadership role in Europe and develop a new partnership that works better for everyone and one in which all citizens feel they have proper control.

David Drew, Andover


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