FURTHER to the awful threat of
large-scale housing development at
Goodworth Clatford (which you
kindly gave some air with my
Skyline letter a few weeks ago) I
now find we face a possible double
whammy in prospect to ruin our
peace and tranquillity – namely

By chance I happened to pick up a
leaflet from an organisation called
‘Frack Free Solent’ which has a map
clearly showing Goodworth Clatford
and a large area of Stockbridge with
disastrous potential for planning
requests in the pipeline – pun intended.
What concerns me most is the position
of the Parish Council in this
respect as no mention of this threat in
the recent Parish circular. We already
suffer a huge solar farm nearby (which
can be seen from Danebury and probably
space) which must have got through
with Parish and Test Valley acquiescence.
Perhaps I’m wrong. Perhaps the
Parish Council are aware of this
appalling new threat to the village.
However, I am not aware of any fighting
fund or action group having been
established, and I would just like to ask
if not why not?

As Churchill would have said,
“Action this day”.

Any possible threat of ‘Fracking’ at
Goodworth Clatford, Fullerton or
Stockbridge needs to be smashed
sharpish, before the whole area falls
under such a potential blight.

C Somers-Cocks,
Goodworth Clatford.