IT was encouraging to read
the announcement about the
new Dash and Go parking
spaces in the town.

I noted only yesterday that
work has already started
along Bridge Street.
I trust once installed that
the effect is closely monitored
so we know what their impact
will be.

However, it was a surprise to
read that Cllr Hooke no longer
wholeheartedly supports
their introduction.

He sat next to me at the
Andover Summit in 2012 and
both before and after that
meeting he was a very vocal
advocate for their introduction.
He said that this would bring
an essential and welcome
boost the town centre desperately

Also this idea was promoted
very clearly on his and other
Ukip election literature last

If Tony wants to be taken
seriously, and I assume he
does, then he needs a more
consistently positive

On this issue he does seem to
have lost the courage of his
own conviction as far as
improving Andover is concerned.

David Drew,