YOUR 13 June edition of the
Andover Advertiser prompted
the thought that there are
a lot of nice people in our
United Kingdom population.


But the problem is that
there appears to be a shortage
of nice, effective people.
Otherwise we would not
have so many problems to
contend with.

Everyone is aware of the
murdering quacks of the
medico pharmaco mafia, the
plant killers of the petroindustrial
complex, the
spivs, half-wits and quarternits
who have managed to
slither their way into
Westminster and the ignorant,
lying, corrupt incompetent
individuals who try
to pass themselves off as
responsible persons of public

But, perhaps the already
real long-standing problem
was presented by George
Bernard Shaw in The Apple
Cart (1930) Act 1 with the
lines: “What Englishman
will give his mind to politics
as long as he can afford to
keep his motor car?”

John Haw, Stone Close,