FINALLY, someone is taking Catherine Bearder to task.

Derek Skinner’s letter puts his finger on one significant point (you and your ilk just don’t get it do you) but doesn’t specifically address what is to me, one of the profound aspects of her letter.

She first shows her attitude half way through with her comment ‘the real losers are the British public’, and on UKIP’s 24 MEPs tells us ‘those seats should have gone to hard-working British MEPs...’!

The arrogance of the woman!

Those seats went to exactly the people they should have gone to – the MEPs the British electorate voted for.

Her attitude shows exactly why UKIP is growing – she, her party and the other legacy parties, have for decades completely ignored the views and interests of the electorate.

She says ‘I will continue to work tirelessly to represent your views and interests’.

No she won’t – she will do precisely what all career politicians do once elected – they will continue to work to promote their own views and interests.

She claims we previously had ‘huge sway’ in EU policy – absolute nonsense.

Our MEPs are a minute percentage of the total and our influence is precisely that – minute and EU policy is not formed by the ‘Parliament’ but is decided by the collected dictatorship of the EU heads of state, meeting in secret with no published minutes, directing the Commission on where to go next.

And on that subject – would we allow David Cameron, or Tony Blair or even Winston Churchill, to send a new law to Parliament, which he had dreamed up with instructions to implement the new law, after they’ve commented but with their amendments included only if he agreed with them and with his verdict being final?

So why do we allow the European Council to instruct the Commission to do exactly that and we then enact the resulting regulation or directive which comes from Brussels as being legitimate law?

Finally of course, Catherine Bearder let slip the lie that she is working on behalf of those who voted for her, representing their views and interests, when she declares ‘Thankfully the south east has six other MEPs... and I look forward to getting stuck in with them in our next term’!

Exactly – once elected you cannot put a fag paper between them because they are all on the same side.

Stanley Oram, 26 Bulbey, Abbotts Ann