AFTER being born a British citizen, leaving school aged 15 years, then serving a fiveyear apprenticeship, by law I was obliged to serve two years as a national serviceman.

During my two years of service I was taught how to use explosives to such a degree, even at the age of 80 I could still use such deadly experience in whichever way I thought fit.

We are now reading of young Britons volunteering to fight for what they feel is a just cause in Syria and other parts of the Middle East.

Like me, as young innocent children we know nothing about such weapons of war, or how to use them, but after my two years I was allowed back into my home country with no problems but still armed with devastating know-how.

In fact through the years I’d even offered my experience with land mine clearance, such was my confidence with my learnings.

But in my case and millions of others like me then, we had no cross to bear.

It’s sad some 500 or more young Britons are away fighting for their causes and one day hope to return and supposedly as my like, return home only to live a peaceful life!

As a patriotic Brit, I’d simply like to remind our present politicians this.

Gerald Stoodley, Turin Court, Andover