I WAS interested to read the letter from UKIP stalwart Stanley Oram in your letters column trying to suggest that all the other political parties are the same.

This is so obviously a myth.

As a Conservative I don’t agree with the philosophy of socialism.

Even the Labour Party has its own internal debates about that one.

Conservatives want to see powers returned from the EU to the Nation States and resist further political integration in Europe.

Only the LibDems seem happy with the current level of EU integration and many of them want more of it, too.

Other obvious differences are that those on the political left tend to spend more and tax more while those on the political right tend to spend less and tax less. We really are all very different.

To continue to peddle the myth that you can’t put a fag paper between us is tantamount to deploying the tactic described in the quotation: “The leader of genius must have the ability to make different opponents appear as if they belonged to one category”; words written by a totally discredited and infamous 20th century dictator.

David Drew, Andover