A RECENT correspondent asked, “What is our town coming to?”. Good question.

Last week, in the company of fellow WI members, I took a tour of Andover town’s historic sites, led by a blue badge guide.

Very informative it was too but, oh dear, we saw some very shabby sights.

Two old coaching inns were unkempt with one boarded up; the Norman arch featured rubbish and a large red bin foremost in the photograph and of course the lawn of weeds in the historic cobbles of the Guildhall – such a disgrace.

A thorough clear up is surely due.

I know from my time as a museum volunteer that many tourists visit Andover to see these very sights and surely must go away with a poor impression of our town.

There are no picture postcards of present-day Andover available anywhere. I wonder why!

Hilary Eddy, Springfield Close, Andover