SOME might call me old-fashioned but I harp back to a time when the shires sent their representatives to parliament for their voice and community to be heard.

That seems to have gone out the window.

Indeed I believe the reverse is now true and case in point is our local Conservative party’s PPC, Kit Malthouse.

Kit has barely set foot in our constituency unless I am sorely mistaken.

He was not born here, has little in common with us from North-west Hampshire and certainly little loyalty.

He is, however, obviously a good representative for the political class here in North- West Hampshire.

I cannot believe that there were no persons from or living in North-West Hampshire suitable for the job.

No person with business, management, law or whatever experience for standing a candidate in good stead.

But then isn't that what happened with Sir George Young?

This is but one of the many ailments our system of democracy is suffering with.

Kit Malthouse will not be lent my vote and I suggest a protest is given to our local political parties that this trend needs to change.

We want our democracy back.

Stuart Noyes, Vigo Road, Andover