AM I alone in thinking the latest revamp proposal for the Upper High Street is nonsense and a waste of money, which could be put to better use?

If my memory serves me correctly, the revamp some years ago was heralded as a pedestrianisation and seemingly has proved unsuccessful, and now we seem to be going full circle to encourage cyclists.

I note there is provision for ‘raised tables’ as a speed calming measure. What are we expecting, the peloton from the Tour de France?

It will be interesting, in this compensation culture era to see the council’s response to their first claim for injury to pedestrians on the crossings.

If cyclists require an eastwest connection to the town, perhaps they could dismount and walk the short distance.

However, perhaps the solution would be to allow free access to cyclists (and mobility scooters) and ban pedestrians!

G R Webb, Springfield Close, Andover