THE ‘'mysterious ball of light’ (letters 15 August) was at a standstill over Enham or Little London as I walked in fields north of Wildhern at around 9.30pm on Thursday, 7 August, about an hour earlier than it was seen by Chris Caryer.

It was large, white, very bright and stationary. I couldn’t tell its height. After about five minutes it began to move steadily towards Charlton Down.

I was walking back to Wildhern and I must confess I quickened my pace, feeling like a bit player in a bad sci-fi movie.

I hoped our paths would not converge. I saw it again the following evening on my walk at about 9pm. It was moving this time from Little London towards Andover and I soon lost sight of it.

Annie Bullen, Starlings, Wildhern, Andover