I AM one of those likely to be adversely affected by the Weyhill Road cycle way.

Following the story reported in your paper I am somewhat confused – or perhaps that is the councils’ intention!

Can I or can I not object to this wasteful, expensive and destructive scheme by 5 September? I certainly wish to endorse all the arguments put forward by Alan Turner and Keith Casair.

I would add to that the problems caused by the few cyclists who use the footway on the north side of Weyhill Road. No consideration is given by those cyclists to elderly persons like me.

On more than one occasion they have brushed by me at speed causing me to stumble but thankfully not fall to the ground. This risk to pedestrians will only increase if the footway on the south side is to be legally used by cyclists in both directions.

Who is this mysterious neighbourhood warden? This is the first time I have heard of this person acting on our behalf. I, and others to whom I have spoken, have not seen him/her seeking our views on this proposal.

In a truly democratic system it is usual for a spokesman/ spokeswoman to first seek the views of those on whose behalf he/she is speaking.

As he/she has not done so his/her comments cannot be used as a justification for this scheme.

At one time these matters would have been debated in committee by our councillors but this seems to be another piece of democracy lost to us.

Such is progress!

John Barrell, Weyhill Road, Andover