FOLLOWING the Annual Parish Council meeting for St Mary Bourne, held in May, when formal election of councillors and council representatives for 2017-18 took place, the May full council meeting then took place and the following topics were discussed:

Bell’s Meadow — update: All eight of the rental homes as well as the three shared ownership homes had now been applied for by households with a local connection to St Mary Bourne Parish.

Land behind the bowling club: The clerk would ask the council’s grounds maintenance contractor to clear weeds and vegetation from land behind the bowling club.

Flood and Emergency Group: A flood barrier deployment exercise had been held on the recreation ground on 26 April organised by the Environment Agency (EA).

Work on the river bed north of Stoke may be delayed due to the possible presence of a rare species of mayfly. The council are awaiting advice from the EA. Monies (£4,300) for flood protection is being held by the parish council and a further grant from Vitacress was due.

The chairman, Cllr David Peart, will investigate further grant opportunities from the North West Downs Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

River flow and groundwater / borehole statistics were provided from Sarah Cooney (Stoke) and Clem Jones (St Mary Bourne).

Ruth Widén