IT used to be said that ‘Life Begins at 40’.

Whether this is still relevant in this modern age, and whether it can be applied to a collection of ‘anciens’ such as those of the Probus Club of Andover who attended the Club’s recent 40th anniversary lunch held at the Apollo Hotel, Basingstoke, is open to question.

The club first met in March 1977 at the White Hart Hotel in Andover when the majority of today’s members were in their mid-20s and had therefore presumably not begun their lives! The atmosphere some 400 club meetings later at the two-course anniversary lunch was as relaxed and convivial as it would have been at the first meeting. Members and their wives enjoyed a slice of anniversary cake with their coffee and, to keep them awake for the speeches, were asked to answer a quiz aimed at recalling as many as possible of the events of 1977.

The next meeting of the club will take place on 31 July at the Masonic Hall with guest speaker David Sullivan who will describe his ‘Life as a Shepherd’. Any reader who might be interested in attending a ‘taster’ meeting is asked to ring Barrie Johnson, membership secretary on 01264 337479.