THERE was a public participation session before the July Thruxton Parish Council meeting. Thirty villagers came along and heard a presentation, with maps, of proposals to develop an area of land to the east of the Lambournes.

One possibility was for 10 four-bedroom houses, and the alternative offered was for 20 smaller houses with some ‘affordable housing’.

Worries expressed were to do with all the extra traffic inevitably created. Also expressed was the question of sewage and drainage plus the fact that there was only one rather tight access route to the site and no alternative ways of access were actually being considered. Test Valley Borough Cllr Pam Mutton made the comment that any ‘affordable housing’ would be, as a priority, offered to local people.

This part of the evening ended, and the conventional council meeting proceeded, with Cllrs Charles Milner-Williams in the chair and fellow-councillors John Davis, Ray Bradbury, Mike Windsor and Janet Graham were in attendance. Hampshire County Cllr Zilliah Brooks as well as borough Cllr Pam Mutton were also present.

The following topics were discussed:

Trees: The continuing question of trees at The Green led to the assertion that, since there was no actual danger, the council did not have any legal obligation to take action. If they did, awkward questions of precedent might arise. So, no further work would be done in that particular area.

Hedges: On the question of encroaching hedges the clerk has written to two households regarding cutting back and she will follow this up as necessary.

On the same theme thanks were expressed to Jason Bailey who keeps the long hedge at Jubilee Walk in good trim.

There were concerns about the severely neglected state of the grounds surrounding The George. The clerk has been assured that work is intended in this area and should happen fairly soon.

Tesco token scheme: Mention was made of the scheme whereby customers can vote to support various good causes locally. Readers are asked to support the council’s application for some funds in order to make improvements at the children’s play area.

Neighbourhood plan: Work on the plan proceeds well. Mike Windsor confirmed a good level of interest in the stall at the fête and work by their special consultant is now complete and is most useful. There is to be a special meeting on 5 August, to take this forward, and it is hoped that councillors will be able to join in the discussions.

Ward boundary changes: On the subject of these changes it was noted that the area ‘Thruxton Farm’ would no longer be in the parish. It was felt that the boundary with Amport Parish could usefully be reviewed, and the chairman will speak to his counterpart there. The name ‘Bellinger’ is to be put forward as the title of the new entity.

Police: The chairman noted that they have a new PCSO allocated to the parish. She is Donna Whelan, replacing PCSO Trowbridge who is now involved in training new people to the job.

Borough councillor’s report: Pam Mutton commenting on the application to build two houses on land adjacent to Eastfield House, said that this had been rejected at government level but there was still permission for one house.

She looked forward to a welcoming meeting with the new Deputy Leader of the borough council Cllr Nick Adams-King, early in September and the chairman said that he had invited him to come to the next meeting of the Test Valley Association of Town and Parish Councils, which Charles chairs.

Mullenspond: The ‘invisibility’ of Mullenspond has been much regretted. It was good to hear that the chairman had been in touch with the Vernon Estate and, after thanking them for recent work, had made a special request that there be a clearance at the bridge so that once again the view and wildlife of this lovely area could be enjoyed.

Car park — sports field: The state of the car park at the sports field again got an airing. Some work had been done but had not proved to be very effective. The full job, as explained yet again by Ray Bradbury comes up against an insuperable barrier: that is the £45,000 assessed cost.

Queries on the county council’s finances: Following on from this, Zilliah Brooks got some queries as to the finances of Hampshire County Council and to what extent would parish councils have to suffer from any shortfalls ‘handed down’. She promised to pursue these questions.

Next meeting: With the usual break in August, the next meeting is scheduled for 6 September at 7.30pm in the hall. All are welcome.