AT the June meeting of St Mary Bourne Parish Council the following matters were discussed:

Basingstoke and Deane councillor’s report: In a written report Cllr Graham Falconer had confirmed that a borough council enforcement notice had resulted in the removal of street lighting at Bells Meadow.

He was attending to the matter of parking at Whitchurch Station and a planning application for a biodigester plant split between this parish and Hurstbourne Priors parish.

Bells Meadow: A two-bed house was now available having been returned for bidding after a previously successful applicant had declined it. It would be offered to anyone on the Housing List with a ‘local’ connection (this parish, Ashmansworth parish, Hurstbourne Priors parish and Litchfield & Woodcott parish area).

Footpath 37 (from the Bowling Club to opposite the war memorial) – update: The chairman, Cllr David Peart, and the clerk had met a Hampshire County Council countryside services officer on site. The county council would write to a third party asking them to remove the obstruction of access from Bells Meadow onto a public right of way.

Flood and Emergency Group: Sarah Cooney (Stoke) provided detailed measurements on ground water levels and river flow including six months figures and two-year data comparison. She had also received well measurements from Robin Mackenzie dating back to 1990s which she would use for comparative data. Clem Jones provided similar data relating to St Mary Bourne.

Electronic speed reminder signs — update: The roving installation of the old ‘Speedwatch’ speed indication device (SID) had been effective and would continue. Cllr Tony Grunsell would arrange a calibration test for accuracy.

Finance: The internal auditors’ report for the financial year 2016/17 had concluded that the council had maintained “adequate and effective control arrangements during the year” and that “no issues have been identified warranting formal comment or recommendation this year”.

Recreation ground and lake: The clerk was asked to remind the cricket club that their screens should be removed from around the field and secured so that they cannot be damaged or cause injury or damage. Terms and conditions for the use of the grounds and pavilion together with the use of cricket club equipment by third parties should also be communicated to such third parties.

Rope Yarn Lane – update: Correction to 10 April 2017 minutes. The statements to inspector deadline should read 4 July 2017, not 6 June 2017.

Parking at Whitchurch Station: Cllr Tony Styles raised the matter of difficulties for parishioners (and others) for parking at or near Whitchurch Station. He had communicated this to Kit Malthouse MP and Cllr Graham Falconer. By social media he had advised people experiencing difficulties to inform the borough Cllr Simon Bound (cabinet member for communities and community safety), Kit Malthouse MP and Graham Falconer about their experiences.