IT seems that letters to this page can indeed have some effect!

A few weeks back I read with some disdain John Lipscombe’s complaints about Charlton Lakeside and, in particular, the par three golf course. I did not agree at the time but have recently noticed, at first hand, improvements to the greens and surrounds which are much more befitting to that of a proper course rather than its undeserved title of a pitch and putt.

I have it on good authority that, following John’s letter, existing staff resources have been rearranged, without extra cost and in-house training has ensured the grounds are treated with improved care and attention — the difference is remarkable!

It can still be a bit muddy in places, John, but this is England after all and efforts are under way to have this fixed by spring with reseeding and careful mowing. There are a lot of changes planned for next year at Charlton Leisure Centre and I look forward to reading about them in this paper.

In the meantime, I would encourage any would-be or current golfers, keen to work on their short game, to pay a visit. Well done John — I’ll give you a game sometime!

Allan Pothecary, Eardley Avenue, Andover.