IN the budget Phillip Hammond promised additional funding for the NHS, but none for social care.

While the extra money for the NHS is hugely needed, by neglecting social care the government is just filling up a bucket with holes in it.

They have ducked an opportunity to put into action their commitment to tackle dementia care head-on. People with dementia will feel betrayed.

Alzheimer’s Society’s helpline has taken too many desperate calls from people who are scrimping and scraping to pay for care, unable to put the heating on, forced to sell furniture and empty their bank accounts.

The absence of state support for vulnerable people with dementia is a travesty, and an embarrassment for our society.

The government says it is committed to action to address the social care crisis; we need to see more evidence that this is being prioritised. Every day the politicians drag their heels on this issue is a day more families affected by dementia are pushed into poverty.

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Nick O’Donohue, Alzheimer’s Society Operations Manager for Hampshire, Isle of Wight and the Channel Islands, c/o Alzheimer’s Society, Chamberlayne Mews, 40 Chamberlayne Road, Eastleigh, SO50 5JH