KRYPTONITE in the Clatfords?

I am beginning to think that there is something in the air around the Clatfords or perhaps some anti-logic Kryptonite in the ground which deprives residents of the powers of logical reasoning.

You correspondent Paul Doran seems to suffer the same problem as Jennifer Godschall-Johnson in that they acknowledge one thing then, from that, draw some unrelated conclusion about another. He proposes that because over 17 million electors chose to take the path of freedom and independence then ‘Project Fear’ didn’t exist!

The one is not dependent upon the other!

The fact that those electors voted ‘Out’ in the face of ‘Project Fear’ proves, if it proves anything, that those electors value freedom and independence vastly more than some intangible benefit from our subservience to the EU.

He does mention one important point which is that many of those in Parliament have significant personal wealth but that is certainly not limited to those supporting the Leave side. I have maintained for years that those who govern us are far too wealthy to understand the situation of most ordinary folk (and I consider myself one of them).

What is true is that many of our politicians, corporate high fliers, celebrities, etc are so wealthy that they have homes all over the globe and probably don’t even consider themselves of one particular nation or another.

And on the same score, the politicians still haven’t got it.

They still have the attitude that once elected they can ignore our wishes and do as they please. That may have been acceptable in the days when it took three weeks for the news to travel from London to Cornwall that the King had died but it is no longer true in an age when most of the population are as well educated as most politicians and, through the medium of current communications, most of us are as aware of world events as they are too.

We Brexiteers did not vote to be poorer Mr Doran but we are prepared to be poorer to be free of the tentacles of the EU. I have no problem either, Mr Doran, in supporting a referendum but since it has taken us 45 years since we joined the EEC (or 42 years since the last referendum) to get this one I would only support it if it is planned for 40-odd years after we leave the EU — certainly not after three years of negativity (and continued ‘Project Fear’) and in the face of the EU smiling sweetly while making life as difficult as possible and saying they want to negotiate on friendly terms when their idea of negotiating is to tell us what we have to agree to and go no further until we do! Yet more proof, if proof were needed, that we should be shot of the whole corrupt organisation.

As for the cliff edge, I am reliably informed that the rules of the WTO General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade (to which the EU is a signatory) allow us to continue tariff free trade for ten years after we leave if no agreement if forthcoming. I have to say that trying to read the relevant sections and relating it to all the appendices and other add-ons to confirm this fact is a bit like trying to read an EU treaty, but on the surface it looks as though there need be no ‘Cliff Edge’ Mr Doran (but then again, as per Mr Mercer’s letter of last week, I suspect that the EU will stoop to anything to wriggle out of this agreement).

Stanley Oram, Bulbery, Abbotts Ann.