DO you know someone who needs or deserves a fabulous home makeover?

For seven years Alan Titchmarsh has been transforming the gardens of the most deserving people in Britain.

Now he’s getting his hands on their houses by giving them the ultimate gift of a HOME makeover.

For ‘Love Your Home’ Alan is looking for selfless, deserving people who, through circumstances beyond their control, find themselves in a home that doesn’t suit their needs.

Perhaps it’s now too small or the wrong shape for them or their family, or a change in circumstances mean that they haven’t been able to look after it and it is now in desperate need of adapting or transforming.

Maybe you know of someone who gives up lots of their time to support others or has fundraised tirelessly for charity or a local cause? Or they have made a huge difference in their local community. Perhaps they are a really hardworking nurse or teacher, a foster family or someone who juggles a busy or challenging home life while supporting others. Alan is looking to reward the nation’s unsung heroes with a brand new interior makeover.

Whatever the story, if you think a dream home makeover would be the perfect way to say thank you to someone very special then please fill out an application form and send it back via one of the following methods: By e-mail: homes@spungoldtv.

com By post: Love Your Home, Spun Gold TV, 2nd Floor Tabernacle Court, 16-28 Tabernacle Street, London EC2A 4DD Application form can be found via website:

Please apply by 15 December.

Spun Gold TV

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Charlie, David and Harry are on the lookout for people who know what they want from their garden, but have no idea how to get it.

If your garden is boring, or out of date, or it simply doesn’t work for you anymore, please download an application form from: takepart/garden_rescue and then fill it in and return it to us via one of the following methods: By e-mail: yourgarden@ By post: Garden Rescue, PO Box 64382, London, EC2P 2GJ.

Please apply by 22 December.

Spun Gold TV.