THE Andover Advertiser never fails to please when it comes to anything – especially the delightful picture and story of a real hero in Ken Beard, of Ludgershall.

Ken and his colleagues have a right to wear the Ashakov medal the Russians so wantingly wish to present them.

The present minister at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office wasn’t even thought of – and nor were the present day Cabinet – when men like Ken were carrying out such tasks, yet they, and the unelected dictators they seemingly want to answer to in Europe, wouldn’t even be here if it wasn’t for the likes of Ken Beard.

I trust the Russians remind our Government we were allies, not foreigners during the war, and trust other readers, like myself, will contact the Russian Embassy reflecting their disgust at our Westminster ‘mixed’ bag, asking the Russians to go ahead and present same regardless.

Gerald Stoodley, Turin Court, Andover