I RECENTLY took my children and their friends to a brilliant park on River Way.

It was great to see so many children enjoying the half termholiday playing football, basketball, skateboarding as well as using the play park itself.

While there I felt that I had to mention to the local children how lucky they were to have such a fantastic facility.

Unfortunately our local park at Old Down Road was removed by the council years ago and despite local residents completing a lengthy questionnaire regarding a new park our children have been left with an empty green space.

I’m aware that some residents opposed the park as its new site was within view of their houses, however it would have meant a safer, less isolated park and would have deterred vandalism and anti-social behaviour because of it being so visible.

I know that council budgets have been cut but am also aware that a large sum of money is to be spent again on parks at King George Road and Topaz Drive which are within close proximity to each other.

I regard our local area as a priority and feel strongly that our children deserve a safe and exciting place to play other than a garden or bedroom.

We are constantly being told to encourage our children to be more active and for them to be inspired by our amazing Olympians so the council should facilitate this.

I emailed the council about this matter but failed to get a reply!

Jo Goldsmith, Wellington Road, Andover