MAY I respond to Mr Towerton’s comments in the Advertiser (November 9) regarding traffic noise?

Of course jobs are important and I did not suggest the distribution centre should be rejected out-of-hand. But this is not simply a matter of slight inconvenience to a few, although I can appreciate that from Augusta Park the A303 noise levels must be of little concern. For over 10 years there has been a campaign to take measures to reduce noise pollution from the A303, supported by Sir George Young.

The Highways Agency confirmed (some time ago) the noise was above acceptable levels but as it was not one of the noisiest in the country and there were budget restrictions, nothing could be done regarding resurfacing and acoustic fencing for some time (if ever).

It does not seem unreasonable to ask that any development should take steps to address any increased noise levels that would be added to those already unacceptable levels.

His point that levels will increase to the same level wherever the distribution site is placed defies distribution logic.

Given that distribution can be to all points of the compass, the further you are away from the distribution centre the more the likelihood that some of the traffic will be routed to their final destinations before it passes Andover.

But this is not necessarily an option I would advocate.

Let Andover get the jobs and Goodman protect the homes from increased noise out of their profits.

More importantly, and this was the real reason for my previous letter, if TVBC set planning obligations on individuals or companies they should be enforced and not allowed to be bought out.

If Goodman fulfil their obligations for the first distribution centre then the cost would reduce for any subsequent development.

David Clark, Conholt Road, Andover