IT was so good to see so many people lined up in Bridge Street to clap and cheer the regiments and youth organisations for the Remembrance Parade.

Since our Return Our War Memorial Campaign started two years ago the amount of the public attending has escalated, now we have made them aware of where it is hidden.

Once everyone had gathered through the small entrances and over the walls etc it was clear to see that most could only just make out the heads of those taking part in the ceremony.

However the good news is the former graveyard site was nearly full which leaves me to believe a bigger site will have to be found for next year’s ceremony, because surely we do not want people turned away from this historic event, certainly not something the families of these great men would have wanted.

I was lucky enough to be near the front, by the side of me a young scout felt faint and there was no room for him to lie down and no visible sighting of first aid attendees.

This makes me wonder if there is a limit to the amount of public etc allowed to attend given the size of the site.

I did not see anyone counting heads. Returning the War Memorial to the High Street must make more sense now to the majority who attended this year’s service.

Ron Wood, Bridge Street, Andover Paying respects in place of peace