SO the good folk of Goodworth Clatford will have all the electricity they need, so long as they bury 30 acres of countryside under solar panels?

(Andover Advertiser 26 October).

If they believe that, they believe in Father Christmas. Of course, if they don’t need power after dark, or when snow blots out the panels, that’ll be fine.

But they might consider their pockets. Solar panels are the most uneconomic generating method, taking into account the piffling results and lavish subsidies.

All the costs will appear on their electricity bills, adding to the £million wasted on useless windfarms.

And there will be more to come next year when a new ‘carbon levy’ is imposed on coal and gas power stations (which must be kept running on standby, in case the sun doesn’t shine or the wind doesn’t blow).

All this lunacy is down to the scam of global warming, whose supporters ignore the inconvenient truth that no reputable scientific evidence exists that man-made CO2 has any such effect. They also seem blind to the latest Met Office that there has been no significant temperature change for 15 years.

I wonder if my fellow villagers in Goodworth Clatford realise that the English countryside was warmer in the Middle Ages than today? That was before anyone dreamt of solar panels.

Laurie Manifold, St Peters Close, Goodworth Clatford