THE decision by Prime Minister David Cameron to reappoint Sir George Young MP to his Cabinet only a few weeks after his dismissal does seem a little strange!

If he was not fit for office for any reason a few weeks ago why is he now?

Although personally friendly and affable he does appear to lack the killer instinct needed in a chief whip, someone firmer but still fair is required.

Sir George also seems to be out of kilter with his colleagues.

In his defence of the BBC in his recent column he says it is generally fair and examples of bias are rare but on such issues as global warming when are rival views heard?

The great wartime prime minister Winston Churchill bitterly protested he was excluded by the BBC as did former Liberal prime minister David Lloyd George.

Defenders of Sir George point to his regular attendances at charity events and that is to his credit but his failure to support the Twining Tea workers is not!

Richard J Kidd, Danegeld Close, Andover