I WOULD like to voice my concerns about the continued nuisance and outright dangerous driving of some highly modified and louder than legal cars driven round Andover at night.

These cars are running illegal exhausts, lowered suspensions and more, which asks the questions how did they pass an MOT and does the insurance cover these modifications?

One particular nuisance driver can be heard racing round town late into the night and as yet I’ve never seen this car or the others pulled over by the local traffic police.

The A343 and ring-roads have – for sometime now – been used as a blatant race track for bikes and cars.

Tthe bikes have been dealt with so how come the police are turning a blind eye or deaf ear to these idiots?

One thing’s for sure, one of these drivers is on his/her way to having a major accident, which will probably result in the death of someone innocent.

I would be interested to know if other residents of Andover feel the same way about these noisy, inconsiderate drivers.

Neil Richards, Swallowfields, Andover