MR Wood does seem to have a poor opinion of the people of Andover.

Andoverians have always known where the War Memorial is and have been assembling there for Remembrance Services for a long time.

There has always been a large turnout and people have never had to be reminded of the Remembrance Day parades, and have had no problem finding the Garden of Remembrance.

The War Memorial was never hidden and Andover people never relied on Mr Wood to be made aware of it.

It does seem that Mr Wood will find fault with everything that happens on or around November 11.

Why does there have to be a head count?

There will always be room for people attending the remembrance service.

There will always be someone fainting — it’s a very emotional event and as far as I can see there has been no shortage of First Aid people.

People, who died during the First World War, and in recent conflicts, don’t bother about not having enough room, walking on wet grass, etc., they would probably have preferred to have these mundane things to think about.

If Mr Wood is worried about people not knowing where the War Memorial is, perhaps the council could be persuaded to put up some signs indicating ‘War Memorial’.

Mr and Mrs D A Stevens, Old Winton Road, Andover