I WOULD like to say thank you to Jackie Glen and Paul Goddard, who write this week supporting my views that the war memorial should stay where it is.

I have a lot more support from friends, acquaintances and neighbours, and online, agreeing that it should remain in the Garden of Remembrance.

To Bob Roberts: I followed the parade into the churchyard too, and had a good view of the proceedings from the left hand side of the memorial.

How can Mr Roberts speak for the “majority of those in attendance”

when merely relating his own experience?

It is not a case of “some residents favouring Sunday trading”, but the fact that times and laws have changed, shops and cafes are now open on Sundays and it would not be an appropriate setting any more.

No doubt there will continue to be arguments for and against but, from a practical point of view, the town is just not suitable for the memorial any more.

Apart from factors raised in my last letter, the huge crowds for the Christmas lights switch on last Friday would have caused damage to the memorial with its newly laid wreaths and crosses. Renovation of the town centre should be the council’s priority, and we can only hope something will be done soon to enhance the shopping facilities and attract more people to Andover.

Irene Williams, Heath Vale, Andover